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Where we live our most authentic and happiest life,
one intentional day at a time!

 Hey new friends! 

Life Edit & Design (LEAD) is all about helping you take control of your own life. The goal is to help you uncover your true self - the self that ignores the rules and roles society has dictated until now. Your true self is waiting to be let loose  !

We are a mother-daughter duo - Julie Ann and Kyra - who work out of our home and have "meetings" over Starbucks  .  We love our work together.  Kyra is the graphic design genius behind our brand and Julie Ann is the Notion designer/planning mastermind.

We believe business is an outlet for creative expression 🧠.  It is a place where YOU get to make the rules and success is completely up to your interpretation.

Side hustles are, by design, a safe space for exploring what brings you joy.  It is not about the money coming in or out, the number of customers on your list, or any of the trackable stats.

It is about feeling the high vibration of creation.  About bringing an idea into reality.  Giving birth to a seed that was planted in your mind.  When that seed grows into something tangible, success is achieved.

Change your mind, your direction, your ideas.  Embrace the messiness that is the creative process.  Don’t hide your experiments βš—οΈ in a dark closet.  Study them in the full light and appreciate the lessons you gathered from the process.  Then put on your lab coat πŸ₯Ό and start to create anew with fresh ideas and a brand new perspective.

If you can do this, you are successful !


We believe in living an authentic life πŸ—ΊοΈ. Your true self, living according to your own rules. We want you to feel welcomed and safe here - like sitting down with your besties and having a great chat over a cup of coffee  .

In addition, LEAD is about vibrant energy - you live your best life when your vibrations are high   and you are in motion  . Spend time daily embracing love, joy, and gratitude for being alive.

 Meet Us 

About Julie Ann
I spent a good portion of my life planning events and conventions. After 28 years in the hospitality industry, I retired and began the "third phase" of my life. I love this phase as I can fully embrace my freedom and control over my day.

I love experimenting with my schedule and what I prioritize in my day. I am trying all kinds of new hobbies and exploring interests as part of my personal bucket list. I am breaking with traditional living and doing things MY WAY. (cue Frank Sinatra here πŸ˜„). 

Fun Fact: I love all things puzzles 🧩 - I have recently discovered hidden mystery-style games on my iPad. I sometimes lose all track of time while trying to solve a puzzle and find the sun has set  without me noticing.
About Kyra
I have never been one for following the expected path  . I guess you could say I stuck to that theme after dropping out of college and pursuing my own business. But I always knew from a young age that I was meant for more! 

I love traveling to new coffee shops  . My favorite part of working online is I can spend hours working in a cute little cafe anywhere with just my laptop and some WIFI! 
Fun Fact: Everyone always comments on how similar my mom and I are, but if you ever ask our opinion on things, you will ALWAYS get two opposite answers  . But that is what makes us such a unique team! 
 ← Sazzie                                              Cookie →

We live in the ever-changing Northeast of the US with my two furry monsters 🐢 🐢- Sasquatch (Sazzie) and Cookie Monster. They often cameo in our podcasts and videos as they defend the castle 🏰 from ferocious squirrel   attacks.


We would love to meet you and hear πŸ’¬ about your life and your journey to this point in time. You can reach us via email here.