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Community Cafe!
 The bonus resource library, where each click is a new adventure waiting to be explored!

 The Bonus Library Awaits! 

The Community Cafe our super fun, totally free bonus library! It is stocked with tons of free Notion goodies as well as our favorite courses and resources that have helped us grow in business! We are constantly adding new things    to the cafe so be sure to stay tuned for updates. 

If you can't tell around here we love anything coffee ☕ related, you can usually find one or both of us hanging out at the local cafe. So we thought wouldn't it be cool to make a "virtual cafe" of sorts? Hence the creation of the Community Cafe, our digital space where you can browse while you sip!  
 Some fun things you will find: 

Free Notion Cover Collections - A wide assortment of Notion pre-made covers and Canva templates so that you can customize many of them to your liking

Free Notion Icon Library - If you like to use icons but don't have a Canva Pro account to create PNG's with transparent backgrounds, we have a library of simple icons in various color themes already made for you.

Bonus Video Library - We have video tips on using Notion and also on planning in general.

Our Favorites Library - This is where we share all of our favorite courses and tools that we've used personally, that we think you will love too.

Plus lots more!

We continue to restock (make updates and add) to the Community Cafe, you will receive notifications via our email newsletter   so make sure you stay subscribed and up to date on that.

The cafe is totally free for anyone to join, so click the button below come on in