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Community Cafe!
Embark on a journey of self-discovery inside our Community Cafe!

The Community Cafe is your go-to resource for taking action on living your best life and taking 100% responsibility for your happiness without feeling overwhelmed in the process.  Unlike many intentional living resources, you will be able to focus on improving ONE area of your life at a time with mini laser-focused workshops...and the best part is... the Cafe is totally free!

It is stocked with free workshops, tools, and tips as well as our favorite resources that have helped us grow on our journey! We are constantly adding new things   to the cafe that you will also get access to. 


 Some fun things you will find: 

Free Life Audit Workbook - The Life Audit is the perfect chance to reflect on how life is currently going and make intentional choices about where you want to go.

Free Business Audit - A place to identify the current state of your business and make plans and goals for where you want to grow in the future. 

Free Intro to Notion - The "What Is Notion" mini-course, introduces you to this powerful, planning tool and how to get started using it without all the overwhelm and confusion

Free Notion Vault- A wide assortment of themed Notion covers and Icons so that you can customize your Notion planner to your liking.
Plus lots more!

The cafe is totally free for anyone to join, so click the button below to come on in!