All About Notion For Beginners

So what in the world is Notion and what can you do with it?

I'm glad you asked. Notion is a free online productivity platform that eliminates the need for multiple pieces of software to track and run your business.

Think of Notion as a planner on steroids.  You can:

  • Plan your days, weeks and months using drag and drop functionality
  • Keep track of appointments 
  • Manage repeat tasks and reminders like "take out the trash"

  • Capture all aspects of a project from research, tasks, timelines, and deadlines  to before and after photos, deliverables and progress tracking.
  • Track income and expenses with unlimited filtering by category, date, client, or whatever aspects are relevant to your business
  • Communicate with clients directly in the app removing the need for emails back and forth. Everything can be kept in easy to follow threads and stored in the relevant topic, project or note area.
  • Support your clients with privately shared documents and feedback. This is great for coaches, consultants and fitness trainers who have client sessions to track.
  • Track all your marketing efforts and statistics to see what is working and what isn't all in one place. 

  • Track habits and personal progress
  • Plan vacations and household projects
  • Track wellness statistics
  • Keep track of birthdays, wish lists, and shopping expenses
  • Create unlimited lists - reading, shopping, ideas, quotes, etc.
  • Create a digital journal
  • Create photo albums sorted by date or event
  • Handle menu planning and have automatically generated grocery lists

This is just scratching the surface of what Notion can do!

The beauty of it all is you can do this all in one place and you can completely customize layouts and functions. Need a new function? Add it on the fly. Want to see certain things one week but not the next, no problem.

You can change up Notion as often as you want and you don't need to know coding to do it. You can even change the graphics and colors for the seasons or your moods.

Think of Notion as a mashup of:

Best of all - Notion is FREE. There are no fees to use the platform. How amazing is that? Sign up for Notion here.

With all the functionality of Notion, it can be overwhelming to get started. That's why we recommend starting with the Simplifying Notion Course. It is perfect for beginners and you'll get to learn all the basics of Notion so you can get the most out of this amazing planning tool!

*We are happy affiliates of this awesome course. So if you use our link to sign up we will receive a commission at no extra charge to you.