Notion FAQ

Q: Can your clients book appointments on Notion?  
A: Not at this time.  There are third party integrations that you can do with products like Calendly.

Q: Can you sync your Google Calendar?  
A: Yes, Notion has that ability but that functionality is something you would have to add as it is not part of the template.

Q: Do my clients need to use Notion too?  
A: Yes, just like any other coaching platform, your clients need to have an account as well.  However, Notion is free so there is no obstacle to having your clients use it.

Q: Can I see Notion on my phone?  
A: Yes, Notion is a web-based app that you can use on your desktop, tablet and phone.  You can also use a desktop version of the app on both the Mac and PC's platforms.

Q: Can I use Notion to track personal things too?  
A: Yes, the idea behind the templates we create is that you can keep adding on functionality.  You can add on a Menu Planner, Summer Planner, Wellness Planner, etc.  We recommend you get the hang of the business planner first but then the sky's the limit as to what you decide to add on to your Notion database.  I personally use it for all aspects of my life from what I am reading to holiday planning.